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Issue 5
August  2006

1)  Being Prepared for Emergencies
Fossil Fuel Shortages, Power Outages, Natural Disasters
WaterStoves as a Back-Up Heat Source 
3)  Free Wood for Urban Wood Hunters      
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  1) Being prepared for emergencies
            Fossil Fuel Shortages, Power Outages, Natural Disasters
  Problem: Fossil Fuel Shortages
  If you are currently using a conventional furnace that runs on fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal) there is always the concern of a fuel shortage or periods of excessive price gouging.
  Solution 1:
  With a Premium WaterStove you are able to burn virtually any solid, liquid or gaseous fuel to heat your home and domestic hot water. You have the flexibility to change to the least expensive fuel whenever you want. Changing a home’s central heating system over to a Premium WaterStove might take a few weeks but can pay for itself in 5 years or less. But, more importantly, it will give you and your family peace of mind.
  Solution 2:
  With a Standard WaterStove that only burns solid biomass fuels you will never be at the mercy of the big oil companies. Changing over to a Standard WaterStove is not a complex process, can pay for itself in just a few years and will also offer peace of mind.   
  Problem: Power Outages
  Depending on where you live it can take days or even weeks to repair downed power lines due to wild fires, storms or accidents.
  With a WaterStove and a small gas powered electric generator (needed to run the pumps and fans), you can keep a 6,000 sq. ft. home warm and supplied with hot water, indefinitely. (Note: an electrician would have to set this up for a simple switch-over.)
  Problem: Natural Disasters

Snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters can disrupt all services, for a long time.

  WaterStoves can be configured to be entirely independent of outside resources. Household heat and domestic hot water will not be a problem for as long as your reserve of fuel and fresh water lasts. If you have a 6,000 sq. ft. home 10 cords of wood would be more than enough to last a long cold winter. (Remember, gasoline will be needed for your electric generator.)


  2) WaterStoves as a Back-Up Heat Source  
  Most homeowners are content with their conventional heating systems. Unfortunately, their heating options in the event of an emergency are limited. That is why adding a WaterStove for emergency backup heat is becoming more and more common on existing executive properties in the mountainous northern tier states. It can be relatively inexpensive and, because of the abundance of wood in the mountains, there will always be enough fuel. With a WaterStove as a back-up heat source mountain homeowners can count on being comfortable during the winter if fuels become unavailable for their conventional furnace.


3) Free Wood for Urban Wood Hunters  

A few weeks ago I received a call from Scott, a local motorcycle dealer. Scott told me that most motorcycle and snowmobile dealer in the country have a constant, large supply of wood from the shipping crates they receive. The wood is fir and pine and is almost always free for the asking. Eastern Washington residence can call Scott at 509-747-1862 to get more info on his free wood.



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