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Issue 7
and final issue
October / November 2006

1)  Energy Cost Projections for the Coming Winter
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Only one article this months but it is valuable information that puts energy costs into perspective.

  1) Energy Cost Projections for the Coming Winter  
  The following chart shows the national average price for the different fuels commonly used to heat a home. Keep in mind that these prices are averages and that in any given region the price of certain fuels could be much higher or lower.

It is important to note that with any fuel (except electricity) a certain percentage of its BTU content will not be converted to useful heat. There are several reasons for this:

1) Some of the heat generated by a furnace will go directly out the chimney,
2) An inefficient furnace will not burn the fuel completely sending unused fuel out the
         chimney in the form of smoke,
3) Pilot flames or smoldering wood fires will consume fuel but not heat a structure,
4) There will be a certain amount of heat loss moving the heat from the furnace to the
          rooms being heated.

In this chart we are showing you your actual cost for a Million Useable BTUs

  It is obvious that a home owner can save a fortune by heating their homes with inexpensive fuels.

With a WaterStove you can efficiently heat your home with coal, wood or waste oil which will save you at least 50% over the more expensive traditional fuels.

  The above prices were gathered from different government, association and industry expert websites.  



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